2006: Digg, 2007: no digg

2006 was unequivocally the year of social media. From flickr, through myspace and youtube, citizen driven content has become the norm and accepted. On the outer has been digg. Originally a tech/geek news site gunning for the same territory as slashdot, it quickly became a massive driver of traffic and influence. There was even talk of a buyout offer from News Corp.

But as the year rolled on, various scandals hit digg. Recalibration of voting algorithms ended up setting higher benchmarks for top users, some sites were banned, accounts were deleted without notice, and paid-for votes tarnished the credibility of front page stories. What started out as a hopeful democratic experimental medium became a cesspool of backfighting.

As the year closes digg is at a low; in a deep hole of its own making. 2007 will see it eclipsed.


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