Feed Reading: Time to Drop the Numbers

Do you approach Google Reader or Bloglines with a sense of trepidation?  Know you have an hour or two of hard grind ahead of you?  It’s all in the numbers.  Total clips left, and the number of clips in each feed is there in front of you.  Hard work it says.

What started out as being fun and amusing becomes a chore.  What’s needed is for these Feed Readers to drop the numbers.  Just give me a list of all the subscriptions I have, and when I click on one, give me the last 10 posts.  If I need more, I can go back, but just the most recent ten posts initially.  Your mood and temper will guide you through the feeds depending on your needs, but having the numbers stare you in the face is too daunting.

Bloglines have experimented with playlists, and Google Reader with a river-of-news, but what is needed is to just drop the numbers.  Let me decide what to read, and don’t let the numbers affect my decisions.


One Response to “Feed Reading: Time to Drop the Numbers”

  1. Ilya Grigorik Says:

    Even better.. Rank the results! A few of my thoughts ont this issue:



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