Want Eyeballs? Think 4 Billion

Want a readership for your blog? Time to think big. Like 4 billion big. Yep, 4 billion readers. Forget digg, think of every person on the planet reading your stuff. I don’t know if aliens can log in, but they might want to, if you’re good enough.

It’s simple. In today’s instantly connected world, the “mass market” is bigger than ever. Think Simpsons. Think Spiderman. Think Lord of the Rings. For god’s sake, think of Harry Potter. It’s a global market, and the potential for one individual’s success is on a phenomenal scale.

Think big. Think 4 billion eyeballs. The whole planet is your potential readership.


2 Responses to “Want Eyeballs? Think 4 Billion”

  1. engenios Says:

    That’s Great. I was running my numbers on a million hits per month…..2 million eye balls……so even if my conversion rate is 10% yeilding 100,000 customers a month, with a 5% growth month over month…..well, lets just say, wait until my investment pitchees hear from me about this….I see a cash cow for the next 10 years!



  2. Crawdaddy Says:

    I like the way you think. Heck, if you’re going to write a blog, why not imagine it being read by billions of people per day? That will keep the motivation strong, and setting the bar high ensures you’ll probably reach the 100-reader per day plateau sooner rather than later….. then 1,000…. etc. etc. Rock on!

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