Blogging Zeitgeist

Has there been a change of mood in the blogosphere in the last three months? A whole raft of gited amateurs have abandoned their Blogger sites, either finally getting fed up with the erratic service, or ultimately embarassed by their gawky looking sites. Let’s face it, Blogger, despite it’s latest upgrade with tagging, is a service that hasn’t shifted in three years – which is a whole lifetime in internet evolution terms.

People with an interest in blogging are going either Myspace or WordPress. One is the for social networking, the other, the real professional outfit. And the numbers that are going the dedicated hosting route are just exploding. It’s a real demographic change. Everyone is backing their freelance writing capabilites, and punting on Adsense and Text-Link Ads. The small scale, niche publisher is going to really shake things up. Loyal, informed readers can drive real change.

What’s the change from 12 months ago? WordPress.


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