Steve Pavlina running it down?

I’m a big fan of Steve’s site. His “Personal Development for Smart People” has been an intriguing source of ideas and wisdom since I first came across it.

But is Steve Pavlina running it down? Ever since the forums opened up, the postings have been pretty sparse. Not that they are of a lower quality – some of his sharpest stuff has been this month – but he’s almost down to a post a week.

I certainly hope he keeps it going, but I really think there are other challenges on the horizon, and he’s probably achieved what he’s wanted to with his site.

Check out his archives for an awesome collection of challenging, life-changing material. Thanks so much Steve.


2 Responses to “Steve Pavlina running it down?”

  1. Steve Pavlina Says:

    It’s called taking time off for the holidays. 🙂

    You can expect to see the posting volume return to normal levels in January.

  2. John Wesley Says:

    Wow, a response from the man himself. I’d noticed as well. I have to say Steve’s site is what inspired me (and probably thousands of others) to get into the blog game.

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