The E List

Reputations are very important to human beings. And no less so than in the blogging world. And so we compare, we rate, we rank, we numerate, we technorati. We constantly check out where we are in relation to everyone else.

At present time (just before new years) I am officially, unabashedly an E List Blogger. What’s that? It means someone very, very, very low in the food chain. I, in fact, right now, have one link from one blog pointing to Ideas Man. Is that bad?

Of course it’s bad! Goddamn it, I’m an E Lister!


2 Responses to “The E List”

  1. Crawdaddy Says:

    You just jumped up about 567,298 places on your Technorati ranking. Make that TWO blogs that link to yours. Good stuff. You’re going to move up to the D-list pretty damn soon.

  2. ggwfung Says:

    I don’t know, I sort of like being in the E-List. You know, no pressure to perform or anything.

    It’s great being down here … along with everyone else 🙂

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