Where do I blog?

2007 is going to be big year for blogs. Like big big. As media money transfers its way onto the net, options open up for viable incomes. You can actually survive punching out blog posts!

Just think of it as freelance writing writ large. Except it’s an open field, so you have to be bloody good. And have an entrepreneurial spirit. But the barriers to entry are zilch.

Where do I start? What field? Excellent question, glad you asked.

What’s Hot

1. Science – ripe for explosion. Although Science Blogs has been up for a year, there’s something still very amateurish about it. Nature and New Scientist haven’t made the transition very well. The next Stephen Hawking could make gazillions. Huge huge ad potential from universities, research groups, instrument makers. If I was a bit brighter, I would jump in now.

2. Marketing – Steve Rubel is the guru here. Everyone wants to know how to get their message across a congested pipeline. It ain’t about ads anymore, it’s about the vibe. Branches off into design and aesthetic issues, and even the psychology of persuasion. Blog once, and earn a living as a “new media” consultant.

3. The Global Blog – all this niche filling will trigger off a counter-trend, that is, people who can see the big picture. This is where someone like myself hopes to step in. Summarise, synthesise, articulate and express. The generalist pundit.

Stay Away From

1. Tech – the geeks have this all sown up. There’s mature blogging networks in the form of Weblogs Inc. Don’t even think about it.

2. Music – every dog and his owner have their opinion. Zilch ad revenue

3. Lifestyle (ie food, wine, furniture) – the big magazine guys are going to move in on this one. You’ll get crushed.

What’s your feeling on this issue?


7 Responses to “Where do I blog?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Nice predictions.

    I agree that 2007 will be a big year for blogs, the Internet is democratizing the access to information and there is a really huge potention for new ideas and creative concepts.

  2. Susan Sedro Says:

    Good points! I hadn’t thought of it quite this way, but I find I agree with you. Best of luck turning blogging into revenue!

  3. ggwfung Says:

    Thanks Susan. Though I’m not sure I’ve got all the pieces together. The person who talks about doing it, instead of the person who just does it.

    Alas for theory!

  4. engenios Says:

    Check out Fred Wilson’s “A VC” blog story entry of today “Integrated Stats”

    All the ammo you need to generate traffic and cash!


  5. ggwfung Says:

    ah, traffic. That’s the gas that drives success.

    thanks for the link. It’s a nice story on feedburner stats


  6. globetrotteri Says:

    Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. Best of luck in churning out those posts, you’ve got some really great material here. By the way, you’ve got a pretty cool blogroll too. How do you decide who makes the cut with so many awesome blogs out there?


  7. ggwfung Says:

    Hi Carrie,

    thanks for the words. Appreciated,. Regards the blogroll, if I like it, and it’s on WordPress, it gets added. You don’t get a say 🙂


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