Words and Thinking

For all our love of images, tv, youtube, and ipod, it’s the written word we still come back to. Yes, that’s right, you are reading this blog right now, even though there’s music in the background, and you have a cool piece of wallpaper as backdrop.

The reason why words and books have been so supreme is they are the tools of thought. Pictures can communicate, and do so instantly, but to reason, and analyse, convince, we draw upon words and language.

Our brains thrive on words, and clever, witty speech. Some of us would even own up to liking poetry, and songs would be nothing without powerful lyrics. It’s time we stopped dissing the all-knowing word, and acknowledge the inner blogger inside each of us.

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3 Responses to “Words and Thinking”

  1. Crawdaddy Says:

    It’s a beautiful truth that, no matter what new media and gadgets are invented, the great novel – the great poem – the great biography – the great article – will still reign supreme. (Shall we go so far as to say, the great blog will still reign supreme? Sure, why not? Like you said, here I am, watching the Ohio State-Florida game on TV, reading the words of Ideas Man….)

  2. paleo Says:

    Yes, the word reins supreme. But, the combination of word, and image – well, I get to use a big word here, “potentiates.” Thanks for the link to my blog, by the way. Interesting choice, because I deal almost exclusively in manipulated images to get a point across.

  3. SilverTiger Says:

    I am tempted to say “Come back to the written word? I never went away…” šŸ™‚

    One of the startling things about the rise of the “online community” is how it has empowered millions of people to start writing who might otherwise never have done so. This is a little commented fact amid the clamour of news about iPods, file sharing and passive entertainment systems in general but I think it is significant. It has brought many a new confidence in self-expression.

    Finding good writing is still a fascinating (and sometimes frustrating) quest but I am glad to have found such a source in your blog.

    Email SilverTiger

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