Science Blogs Reviewed – the C’s

The world of Science Blogs rolls on, and we are onto the C’s.

Chaotic Utopia: student and freelance writer. Has a fascination with the world of fractals, and glorious images pop up every second article. An enchanting site, with good balance between images and text. Pop Art Mosaic is a rainbow spiral of dazzling colour.

Cheerful Oncologist: lyrical doctor who mixes cancer with poetry (though not in the same posts). He lives up to his moniker of being bright and happy, knowing full well that attitude can affect the disease state. Has a long list of full posts on the main site, saving clickthroughs and other annoyances. And I’ll take milk with my tea thanks.

Cognitive Daily: a husband and wife power team. In my mind, the original “Science Blog”. I was reading Cognitive Daily in the days before they made the professional move, and these guys have proven their consistency and talent over a two year period. It’s kind of hard to pick a representative post, but the Munger team chose this article to celebrate their first year at Science Blogs. It speaks for itself.

Corpus Callosum: psychiatrist who’s a little mad himself. A bit here, there, and everywhere, but always good fun. Has one of the longest blogrolls I’ve seen in a long time, well demonstrating his eclectic and diverse nature. His Two Views of Richat Structure is inscrutable. You can add one more reader to your Feedburner stats Mr Corpus.

That’s over and out for the C’s.


2 Responses to “Science Blogs Reviewed – the C’s”

  1. Dave Munger Says:

    Awww. You gotta stop saying such nice things about CogDaily…. You’re liable to turn me into an arrogant egotist.

  2. ggwfung Says:

    🙂 I saw that article, but the headline was almost too violent in itself. I’m such a gentle soul.

    Thanks Dave

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