Science Blogs Reviewed – the D’s

There’s a batch of 8 in this installment of Science Blogs reviewed. So take a seat, sit down, and enjoy.

Daily Transcript: researcher, cell biology. I found this a bit everywhere, no coherence.

Deep Sea News: two researchers, marine science. I absolutely love their “25 Things you should know about the Deep Sea” series. Really well done, and gives their blog a long time drive. Ten more to go guys!

Deltoid: computer scientist. Again, too much everywhere.

Developing Intelligence: postgrad, neuroscience. Writes lengthy essays trying to distill the latest research. Can be quite technical, so not really for a lay audience.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World: biologist. Too much everywhere!

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: freelance writer. Has some intriguing writing examining the conflict between reason and non-reason. This could all too easily become philosophical hogwash, except Ed always starts his article from a real-world incident. And he pulls in some extraordinarily out of the way material, like this post on The Faiths of the Founding Fathers.

Dr Bushwell: has a post on spider sex.

Dynamics of Cats: astrophysicist. I don’t really see the connection between the blog name and what he writes about (space and stars). Anyone?

That’s it!


7 Responses to “Science Blogs Reviewed – the D’s”

  1. dorai Says:

    Thank you for the list. I am still wading through the one on Deep Sea and will get to others soon.

    — Dorai

  2. ggwfung Says:

    Yeah Dorai, it’s an almighty collection of blogs. I hadn’t come across that Deep Sea News before, and it was quite a delight in finding it. The sheer joy of knowing. Good blokes.


  3. CR McClain Says:

    Thank you for the very nice comments on DSN. Glad you enjoy the blog.

  4. ggwfung Says:

    No worries Craig. Thanks for dropping by.

    BTW if Dorai gets lost in DSN, make sure you fish her out. She probably has other things she’s supposed to be doing. 🙂

    all the best


  5. dorai Says:

    It is funny but Dorai is a he. But I think I need to put up my picture upfront in the blog.

  6. ggwfung Says:

    Oops! can’t assume anything online!

    my sincere apologies to Mr Dorai (and I ask for humble forgiveness) 🙂


  7. Dorai Thodla Says:

    Not a big problem. I did it myself to a couple of other people. I changed the template to show my picture (to avoid such confusion) but it was taking up too much space, so I took it out.

    Thanks for correcting though. No apology needed.

    — Dorai

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