The Curious Gift of Giving

One can think of life as being a call and response. You try something, then wait to see if it works. Depending on the success or not, you might refine your approach, or try something altogether different.

But the effort is paramount. You don’t get nothin’ sitting there on that bean bag! Try, and try again is not a bad motto.

Giving is something even greater. It’s when you put something into the universe and see if it works. You don’t do it for youself, it’s done for others and the greater whole. Everytime I’ve made the effort to reach out, I’ve been delighted at the results.

Giving without thought of return is something glorious.


2 Responses to “The Curious Gift of Giving”

  1. kikipotamus Says:

    Right on! My friend and I were JUST talking about that not 15 minutes ago. Okay, not talking, emailing. Cause we’re both introverted geeks who don’t spend a lot of face time with other humans. LOL. K

  2. ggwfung Says:

    Thanks K. The truth has a funny way of popping up in strange places.


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