(even more) Science Blogs Reviewed – the F’s, G’s, and I’s


Framing Science: Assistant Professor of Communications. Tries to examine the way science is presented in the media on behalf of various lobby groups. Stem Cells is the current topic, with careers, mega-dollars, patents, pharmaceutical supremacy, and just all-out glory on the line. Here’s Harvard’s 250 Acre Life Sciences Campus.

Frontal Cortex: editor. Some really cool neuroscience. The stuff reads like straight pop science, and scans easily. The Pentagon and Neuroscience is a guaranteed attention grabber. Has a book due for birth this year.


Gene Expression: no personal info except a bad blue shirt. A bit clever by half.

Good Math, Bad Math: computer scientist. There was pop science, now there’s pop math. Here’s his library card.


Integrity of Science: new blog, representing a think tank. Stated aim is to cut through the political bias surrounding climate change and national security. Probably needs to post a bit more frequently, currently averaging a couple of clips per week. I don’t know how to evaluate “their” bias. What exactly is non-partisan? ie I am right and you are wrong – it just becomes opinion, like this blog.

Intersection: journalist and author. I’ll let his bio page do the talking.

Island of Doubt: freelance writer. Bit wordy. I’m glad someone remembered Carl Sagan’s passing.

Alright! we’re getting up a head of steam now. Onward science soldiers!


3 Responses to “(even more) Science Blogs Reviewed – the F’s, G’s, and I’s”

  1. ncurse Says:

    Oh dear, they’re all journalists, correspondants with books and results. I have no chance to get into that circle as a medical student…

  2. siddhartha04 Says:

    I noticed you linked to me, so I took a look at your blog, and… great job! (And good idea reviewing all these science blogs… it just had to be done). Anyway, just saying hi.

  3. ggwfung Says:

    Hi Gautama, thanks for dropping by. You’ve got a nice site over there – very slick, and some meaty writing. Lots of value.


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