Potential and its Fullfillment

We all know we can be better than we are. There are skills we know are undeveloped, and talents left dormant. Duties of family and work are vital to who we are, but can consume almost every hour of our waking week. All too easily, 6 months can slip by, we get up, have a look in the mirror, and see the same person, a little older, a little greyer, but not much wiser. This drifting of life is something I’ve had to face – how do we keep moving forward, instead of just spinning our wheels in the tractionless dust?

We can improve who we are. The more we develop ourselves, develop understanding and wisdom, the more we can put back into the system, this vast, slurring ecosystem of life. We can help others.

Some people are funny, others logical, others good at making friends. Others are creative, some crazy, and some are good typists who never make any mistakes (not me by the way). All these skills. talents, and traits go into the human mixing bowl of society.

We withdraw to hone our skills, and then we return to give back to our fellow man. The more we fulfill our potential, the greater our gift.

Potential is a lovely upward climb, to see the stars, to go through ardour and challenge, to explore new greens. It’s a path each person has to walk for themselves, but help is everywhere to be found. We just have to make the effort.

I’ll see you on the journey!


6 Responses to “Potential and its Fullfillment”

  1. seekingfor Says:


    Thanks for reminding me to make the most of my time.

  2. mj78ind Says:

    Well, I like the message. But there are many questions like where do we want to go by fulfilling the potential we have? Can we not learn as we go rather than the withdra and then return and contribute model? And mind you the small daily things in life need to be done in life to live it, we can either treat them as a drudgery or treat them as experiences to learn or even better enjoy life!

  3. SilverTiger Says:

    Once when I was young and a university student and therefore knew everything, I said to my sister that I believed everyone should strive to get as high as they could in whatever domain they chose to work in.

    My sister, being older than I and possibly wiser (though I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time), reflected and said “I think it is important to do what makes you happy.” Later she went on to do something rather unconventional that drew a lot of criticism but which made her happy.

    Time passed and I spent a lot of time pondering my abilities and feeling guilty for not developing them. In the fullness of time I did something rather unconventional that drew a lot of criticism but which made me happy.

    As I sit writing this today I wonder whether those abilities of mine really were abilities. After all, if I never tried developing them, how can I know they were not imagination?

    We can waste a lot of time planning the details of the journey and forgetting where we want to go.

    Email SilverTiger

  4. faithwalk Says:

    I am convinced that most of us never truly reach the potenial God places within us, but by His grace we hopefully will do what is in our heart.
    If we love what we do, we will always have a positive influence and hopefully make this world a little better place.



  5. ggwfung Says:

    Thank you Susan,

    although I am not Christian myself, I can fully appreciate the good heart and warmth that some of your faith have.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  6. Quest Girl Says:

    I believe it’s everyone’s duty to themselves to reach their own potential, or at least try to…Plus, life is too short to have regrets…So, it’s best to give it your all and do things that help you grow and make you happy, it’ll all end soon enough!

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