A Corrupt Political Process

Politics has become one giant game. Here’s how to play.

1. you need a profile
2. use the media to gain that profile

3. need money to advertise yourself
4. take money as political donations

5. indebted to lobby groups
6. politics gets corrupted

Politics eventually becomes legislation, and legislation becomes the rules we all have to live by. Whether it’s tax, welfare, the military, education or health, the government is the big dude. Politics has never been totally clean, but let’s demand a bit more transparency.


7 Responses to “A Corrupt Political Process”

  1. pauaprincess Says:

    You forgot, invest in oil, go into politics, become president, invade the country with the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world, claim it’s to protect your country, then flip and claim it’s to free the ppl of the country you invaded.

  2. കേരളഫാര്‍മര്‍ Says:

    How to overcome corrupt palitical proces by a common man who is helpless?

  3. seekingfor Says:

    The money is the problem in politics.

    Combine the corporate control of our political system with that nasty little thing known as “corporate person hood” and you got yourself a big time problem for democracy.

  4. SilverTiger Says:

    I think there is a dilemma at the heart of politics. In order actually to do anything, you need power. That means being a member of an administration. To become a member of an administration, you have to play the party game well enough to be given a role. The horse-trading that gets and keeps you there both curtails and directs your actions.

    Some people go into politics and steer clear of this vicious process. They may do some good but relatively little because they never acquire the power that is needed to do a lot of good.

    The hypocrisy of government is breathtaking. Those who govern call it “expediency”, of course. Reading between the lines of the news, I think some quite frightful things are done in our name by “democratic” leaders of the “free world”.

    Email SilverTiger

  5. naturalhigh Says:

    Politics is an arena. I’ve played in it long enough to know that it is a game that can be won with honest tactics if you can align enough people for support.

    I hate to see bright, idealistic, and humanitarian people become so cynical that they give up on politics altogether. There is no guarentee that you, your cause, or your candidate will win- but your opposition will surely win if you quit and refuse to play!

  6. ggwfung Says:


    thanks for this alternate view. There is a lot of cynicism out there amongst the wider public, and it’s nice to hear from someone who has firsthand experience.

    I will try and stay open to alternate evidence,

    Many thanks,


  7. thirtyplus Says:

    ggw, you really hit it on the head in very little space…

    I am really shocked by politics in the U.S. today, and very concerned for the future of this country….but I try to keep hope in my heart. Glad to see that you have such a collection of insightful readers 🙂

    thanks for the incisive post.

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