The Real Difference Between Men and Women

{WARNING: humor ahead}

Through exhaustive studies on this blog, I have discovered the real difference between men and women.

Men like sport. Women don’t.

Women like gossip mags. Guys don’t.

A truly groundshattering discovery I know. But let’s get it out in the open, so there’s no confusion.

Men have a certain default, and that is doing. Preferably they would like to go out and thump someone in the head, but society being what it is, us guys can’t do that anymore. So we settle for the next best thing – watch someone else thump someone. And the bigger the guys the better. So NFL rules. And Ice Hockey too, where they take a big stick and whack people in the legs and chest. Pretty primitive, but that’s what guys like. Deep down.

And chicks, they like nothing better than to chat. To say how bent that girl’s nose is, or how big her bum juts out. Or her chin has a dimple like a crater. Or those ankles are really bony. It’s like guys bashing each other up, except chicks do it with words. Easier. Smarter. Less effort. Nothing like a good snipe or rumour to get chicks all excited. Makes life worth living, just like Who Weekly.

I think I deserve a Nobel.


21 Responses to “The Real Difference Between Men and Women”

  1. tofubaby Says:

    Now, I am confused. I am a girl but I hate chatting that the chicks that you wrote about. I hate it when my girl friends get together and just end up talking about somebody’s bust or teeth, etc. I rather watch two guys punching each other in the ring side. Much simpler. Less talk. More action.

  2. ggwfung Says:


    you are probably what is known as a “guy’s chick”. We like hanging out with people like you!

    And I believe Muhammad Ali has a daughter who enjoys punching people out …



  3. Andreas Says:

    So I guess tofubaby is the exception that proves your rule, hey ggw!? Not entirely convinced about your argument myself. On a visceral level and from some of my own experience, some of it resonates, but intellectually I just don’t want it to be so simple… I want life and people to be more interesting than to fit into such simple pigeon holes damit 😉

    Laila Ali fought in Johannesburg on Saturday night. Apparently it was a pretty woeful and really short affair (she ko’d her opponent in the first round).

    Jeez, I just got the title of your blog (sorry, a bit slow on the uptake) – The Castle, right!? Only one of the most brilliant movies ever made! It’s the vibe of the thing.


  4. envec69 Says:

    most of the differences come from our ancient past, and they are rooted on the genetic code, there is nothing you can do change it

  5. Andreas Says:

    envec69> without ignoring genetics altogether, we’re also human beings equipped with considerable capacities for logic and imagination. To just accept that there is nothing we can change about the ways we behave (or the ways we’re supposed to behave) seems a bit restrictive to me…

  6. naturalhigh Says:

    I don’t like sports and I could claim to not like gossip, but the truth is that I like a kind of lofty and refined gossip where you analyze a person’s character and motives ad naseum. Why did she do that? What was he thinking? And when I get tired of that, American Idol will suffice. I know that it is mostly pointless. But sometimes very entertaining.

  7. ggwfung Says:

    naturalhigh, so long as it’s refined gossip, that’s ok. None of that dirty rumormungoring or backstabbing or anything like that. 🙂

    As envec69 says, these are certain survival traits. So gossip away!


  8. tobeme Says:

    I know that you say this tounge in cheek. Underneath our human shell we are all equal souls, equal energy. What you speak of is the human condition, the ego, and the lessons of our culture.

  9. radiantwoman Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha GGW, you are a funny guy. GGW could still mean Girls Go Wild !
    Is there anything else going on that we are to know about?

  10. Crawdaddy Says:

    it takes guts to tell it like it is

  11. Danielle Says:

    Well, I like college football, and I have straight male friends who gossip more than I do…

  12. whig Says:

    I’m disenthralled with your observation. As a man who does not like sport and does like conversation, married to a woman who does like sports including football, it is obviously something that you find self-descriptive at best.

  13. ggwfung Says:

    Danielle, whig,

    this is a humour piece! 🙂

    of course people don’t come in two boxes. 🙂

    I think I’ve inadvertantly fooled everyone. 🙂


  14. whig Says:

    I’m sorry, I was confused and thought you were serious for a minute. I’m slow like that sometimes.

  15. whig Says:

    Dude, you have got wingnuttiness down, though. Props.

  16. whig Says:

    Ok, you’re on my blogroll now.

  17. gentiana Says:

    You almost got it, ggw.

    Contrary to popular belief, women also have as their primary base-level desire the urge to thump someone. It’s just that actually doing it might cause us to break a nail.


  18. Diane Says:

    So sorry, I love professional boxing, hate gossip mags, love demolition derbys, hate baby showers, men are better company than women, although if I’m going to bitch about men I’ll talk to my cat.

  19. extrapolater Says:

    I think as long as there are no women on the panel, you just might get that Nobel.

  20. hroswith Says:

    LOL! 🙂 Are you suggesting I am a man? *flashes boobs*

  21. Lynda West Says:

    This blog is pretty cool. Just wanted to say hi!

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