Words are Ideas

I like reading dictionaries.

What! Well, I said I was boring, and now you know how much. I like words, all sorts of words, new words and old words. Archaic words, foreign words, phrases, colloquialisms, turns of speech.

I may not know what adverbial conjunction is, but it’s nothing compared to the beauty of a well-spun palindrome. Or the plat-du-jour I happen to be enjoying now. My moniker rings true no?

Enough garbage! back to normal English speak, and communicating a message, not obfuscating. Words indeed are ideas, and give you tools for thinking.

More words –> More ideas

A diagram of plant innards or the sun will identify the different parts. Suddenly, the detail is presented. The different layers serve different functions.

The language of psychology helps you understand yourself. How you tick, how others tick. Giving a word to moods and fugues is a powerful step.

More ideas –> ??


11 Responses to “Words are Ideas”

  1. whig Says:

    You’ll like my music project. I can write music in words with this system.

  2. kikipotamus Says:

    I used to spend hours in the university library with the big picture dictionary in five languages. I never knew when I might need to know the word for forecastle in Italian or waistcoat in French. Oh, and I dated a guy once who was crazy for palindromes. We enjoyed doing the NYT cryptic crosswords together. K

  3. Grace Says:

    I’m not embarrassed to admit that I, too, like to read the dictionary. Sometimes when I look up a word, I can spend hours just flipping through and reading whatever catches my eye.

  4. archiearchive Says:

    I also am a dictionaryoholic. I wonder if there is a twelve step plan for me – – –

  5. owen59 Says:

    I dabble a little poetry and love to play poetry games with a gorup. But I am mediocre at crosswords, can’t even read cryptics, so the game Balderdash is great relief for a love of very odd words. So I’ve blogrolled your address here, IdeasMan

  6. newhoosier Says:

    I suffer from a similiar affliction as well, however I spend my time reading encyclopedia. I can easily loose a few hours just because I enjoy learning so much. Which is funny because if university was actually about learning and not politics, I’d go to grad school.

  7. Rachael Black Says:

    Eschew Obfuscation!

  8. tobeme Says:

    Excellent use of your time! Words are very powerful, if they were not, this blog would die a sudden death.

  9. radiantwoman Says:

    Ideasman, now you see what your words do? You attract exactly the people that can hear what you write. Words perhaps do have a sound on the internet as well.

    ps: I love encyclopedia, dictionaries. I eat them. They are so inspiring. Thanks for bringing this up. It has been a while since I last checked on them.

  10. hroswith Says:

    Hehe – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. 🙂 Since I got my first one, I have loved reading through dictionaries. I love words, and tracking their origins. I obsess with them so much that I graduated in philology at university.

    Words reflect a person’s view of the world, and, at the same time, shape it. In spite of its current unpopularity, I still think there’s some truth in the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I grew up multilingual and I know I think “differently” when a think in a language as opposed to the other – given equal fluency, my perceptive categories are much different depending on the language I choose.

  11. adiamondinsunlight Says:

    I love dictionaries – etymologies (as you probably know!) most of all. the relationships between words fascinate me – words within a language, words among different languages, and words over time. dictionaries are a great blessing!

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