Changing the World from the Keyboard

The man of letters is back.

Once a staple of public life, the likes of Henry James and Bernard Shaw have been in short supply. Television, and especially cable, have made the moving image dominant, and pushed back the role of letters.

Things are shifting back now. Ideas were once passed around via yellow pamphlets and personal letters.

Today, the weapon of choice is blog/email.

From the comfort of our keyboards we can reach out and engage others. Debate, provoke, challenge, present. Think of it as a level-market for ideas. By discussing things we expose assumptions and ignorance. (myself included!)

It’s an exciting time to be living in.


7 Responses to “Changing the World from the Keyboard”

  1. fatsavage Says:

    Fast forward to whats next. The man of letters is momentarily alive – but lack of control alters the environment.

    When news went corporate – the man of controversy died from lack of access to the so called free press.

    When e-mail went spam – and dangerous – people stopped reading unless by limited or privileged access.

    While blogging was fueled by teenage angst, unless the writing grows up there is an awful lot of surfing a reader must do to find the pearl among the swine.

  2. rlao Says:

    and scary time to be live in. In the past, if you keep the children in the house, you can keep them away from bad influence; now it is not so easy anymore. A Chinese story about how a mother moved 3 times to get away from a bad environment for her kid now we need to deal with an influence that permeate everywhere. It is an exciting time for educated who can think for themselves but potential hazardous time for others. Unfortunately, good things tend not to spread as fast as evil things. It is no more Sunday morning leisure drive but NASCAR at full speed demands our attention so we don’t stray.

  3. whig Says:

    We are a new mind, a conscious humanity emerging.

  4. tobeme Says:

    I agree, this is an exciting time to be alive! The blog is a great vehicle to express thoughts, ideas and concepts. It is a great forum for healthy debate!
    I agree with “fatsavage” there is a lot of garbage that you must surf though to get to the pearls, however this is not new, in books you had to do the same thing, which was more costly and took a heck of a lot longer to do.

  5. pauaprincess Says:

    Truely, have a look at this blog, cyfs the govt agency that deals with child, youth and family. it has garnered a lot of attention and may change things for the positive

  6. enreal Says:

    This time is exciting and beautiful all the same. This is the ultimate tool for reaching “the masses”…but wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could see the faces of those we touch? Sometimes it makes me feel small, as if our voices are drowned out by technology. Either way, the benefits seem to disguise the fact that there is no other alternative.

    By the way…Nice site

  7. James King Says:

    James King

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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