A Sleeping Madness

The Sleep Deprivation Me: I worked night shift for a couple of years It almost killed me. I would get 4 hours sleep each day, then sleep all weekend. Too much coffee. A waking madness. And then when the end of week came, I would head off into hibernation, no one would hear from me for a day. Distorts time, kills appetite, low energy. Don’t ever get a night job peoples.

Sleeping Glut: when I get down, I don’t want to deal with anyone or anything. It’s off to bed I go. 12 hour sleeps, and more, I don’t care. Just so long as I get away. Sometimes the dreams are psychadelic, an alternate fantasy universe, other times it’s a long featureless escape; letting the hours go by. Makes you fat.

Normal Sleep: not since 7 have I had normal sleeping patterns. Things change all the time. It makes work/study a hellish thing, but the variation is something I wouldn’t trade off. It’s fun to snooze in an important team-meeting, or when a tight deadline is coming up. It’s fun being manic when everyone else is dull.

I don’t think I’m crazy, just sleep crazy.


11 Responses to “A Sleeping Madness”

  1. Naughty Heather Says:

    Sleep is something we struggle with as well. I am early-to-bed, hubby is a night owl, the kids don’t go to bed or stay in their beds – we need a sleep intervention.

  2. kikipotamus Says:

    How interesting. A penpal and I were just comparing notes on how we escape into a numbing world of avoiding sleep when we are depressed or plagued by anxiety. We stay up all night surfing the web or whatever. It makes things worse.

    I appreciate myself so much when I am wise enough to grant myself a good night’s rest night after night. The next day I’m sane, I can think, things don’t bother me, I don’t stress out as easily.

    Hmmmm. K

  3. homeyra Says:

    I guess you know this: http://sleepdisorders.about.com/

  4. adorablay Says:

    Well to be on the optimistic side… at least you have crazy dreams you remember, something I wish I had since I think it would help my inspiration in my art. I haven’t remembered a dream in a LONG time, I guess I shouldn’t complain but dreams can be crazy cool.

  5. Grace Says:

    I don’t get much sleep during the week. I’m a night owl and can’t go to bed before midnight then have to get up for work the next morning. I catch up on the weekend. Sometimes I don’t crawl out of bed on Saturday until 2 PM.

  6. Amanda Beattie Says:

    I have a night job, and it’s quite a trick trying to get enough sleep while doing it. But once you can land a regular schedule (not swapping back to days on weekends, etc.), it’s really not so bad. Of course, I love my job and so it’s easy to structure my life around it. It takes some discipline, but it’s way doable — I’ve been at it for upwards of three years now, and still feel pretty good.

    Sleep is a good thing. I enjoy it. 😀

  7. missaustenremembers Says:

    I thought sleep was supposed to help us lose weight. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3866237.stm)
    You sound as though you had permanent jetlag. Commiserations!

  8. passante Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting.

  9. Iszi Says:

    I’ve been all over the place myself. I’m a night owl by nature, and thought at one time that a third shift job would just be perfect for me. The upside of the third shift job is that you have the entire daytime free for any activities that might otherwise require adjustment to your work schedule. The downside is that those activities now require adjustment to your sleep schedule. In that job, I often ran through times where I would stay awake for 48 hours or more. Being married and having a child at the same time didn’t help much to regulate that either. Any days I had off were typically spent trying to re-set my sleep schedule, only to have it jacked up again during the work week.

    Now, I’m a “banker’s hours” worker. 0800-1700 Monday to Friday. Still, my nocturnal nature prevents me from getting to bed any earlier than midnight, most often around 2 AM. My wife (stay-at-home mom) tries to get to bed around 10 when she can, and my 3-year old daughter at around 9. I’m supposed to wake up to get ready for work at about 6:30. Usually that doesn’t actually happen until around 7 when my daughter naturally wakes up (I wish I knew how she did it) and my wife gets up to take care of her.

    How do I keep going? One dose of Full Throttle with lunch, and 12 hours of sleep on Saturdays (typically beginning around 3 or 4 AM). I’d almost be surprised if anyone (especially anyone who’s ever worked third shift) has a solid “regular” sleep schedule these days.

  10. tobeme Says:

    You sound like many people who I have known. This is sleep maddness!
    Myself, I am very lucky to have a good sleep pattern, don’t need much, about 6 hours a night and I am good. Helps to have someone you love to cuddle up with!

  11. newhoosier Says:

    I’m one of those people who needs ideally 10-12 hours a night.

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