If I Was A Renaissance Poet ..

I would walk the streets and sing lullabies

I would speak to trees and ask them what they see

I would dance and trip and stumble around

I would smile at the sun and the stars

I would pray like a monk and give thanks

I would strum the lute and be merry

I would drink beer and ale and mead all day

I would watch castles being built

I would smell the fire of a honey-basted chicken

I would crawl along the turrets and spy the enemy

I would wave to the clouds on a summer’s day


5 Responses to “If I Was A Renaissance Poet ..”

  1. Crawdaddy Says:

    …. and after I did all this great stuff, I would write a poem.

  2. kikipotamus Says:

    Aw, very nice. K

  3. whig Says:

    It’s a good life, it is.

  4. newhoosier Says:

    Glad you didn’t mention catching bubonic plague. It wouldn’t be much fun doing all those other things if you had the plague. 😉

  5. margaux Says:

    thanks for the link in your blogroll, it brings me some visiotrs to my unknown blog!
    bytheway, cool poetry…

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