A Broken Dream (the continuation of war)

The great hope of the post-1945 world was the end of war.

It hasn’t happened.

It is painfully obvious that divisions between countries, inside countries, between religious sects, and inside cultural and racial groups continue to inflame people to violence.

There is enough material wealth to go round. There is plenty of land to build on. Food can be traded. The things that make life worth living are not in the material realm.

Groups continue to be suspicious of each other. Pure power plays. There is more in common amongst human beings than there is difference. We all wish for a happy family life.

Let us all relate to each other as individuals, one to one, on a personal level. No division, just a strong, earnest conversation.

The common things should bind us.


6 Responses to “A Broken Dream (the continuation of war)”

  1. SilverTiger Says:

    The problem, of course, is that freedom inevitably leads to conflict. At some point, actions I undertake freely will impinge on someone’s else’s freedom or will conflict with someone else’s interests. What is to be done then?

    In the best of cases, the parties to the conflict negotiate a settlement in which each gives up something to the other in return for peace between them.

    The problem with that is that in some cases, the price to pay (i.e. what I have to give up) is too high. In that case, negotiation fails. What is to be done then? In that case, either or both parties may see violence (war, terrorism, riot, revolution) or the threat of violence as a way to impose their preferred solution.

    It may be that we deplore violence yet applaud the outcome of violence, as when an uprising or revolution removes a dictator from power, but not all cases are so clearly a conflict between “right” and “wrong”. Sometimes the distinction between “self-defence” and “aggression” is hard or impossible to draw.

    One way to end war for ever would be for all people to refuse to go to war. But “people” is a many-headed beast, not a single organism. It takes only a few to cave in and the rest feel constrained to follow.

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  2. in2l Says:

    I have felt the absolute frustration and hopeless feeling you are both evoking here. I needed a way out of that to a more positive view. I have been finding it in several places.

    May I suggest a read of these books/concepts for a look at a more hopeful future. You can find much of this discussed on


    A prescription for how to make this happen
    PLAN B 2.0
    By Lester Brown
    Chapter 13- Plan B: Building a New Future

    Network of Spiritual Progressives – a group promoting a more hopeful, life-affirming approach to this countries politics and policies.

    Natural High’s blog called “Unstoppable” that talks about how the notion of No More War could move from the “call me crazy” category into the mainstream.

    Appreciative Inquiry – a methodology for change and transformation that looks first at what is going right and then creates a dream of how we would like other aspects of our lives, our organizations or the world to be. You can find some good stuff on Natural High’s two latest blogs there.

    Peace and love

  3. Brendan Says:

    Ben franklin said the “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Patriots will fight and die, selflessly, for a perceived threat to their core values and or life and limb. Tyrants will fight; or rather make others fight for him by:
    -amplifying a threat (either real or make-believe)
    -controlling a the media/press by partnering with heroes of greed who own them
    -magnify and fly the flag high
    -suspend in rights in the name of security
    -actively rally them around enemies and scapegoats to focus and manage the war
    -magnify male dominance in society and minimize the feminine principle (i.e rampant sexism, suspend rights for women, gays, divorce etc.– in order to assert masculinity, the primary force of war.)
    – fear, fear, fear.
    – use religion as a means to their end
    -scratch the backs of the heroes of greed who intern do the same for them (ie. industry, business, military, and government intertwined)
    -suppress the power of the everyday man, the laborer.
    -demonize, attack and or kill free thought, intellectualism, creativity and art
    -enhance policing powers moving closer to becoming a police state
    -give important government positions to friends who will protect the tyrants from accountability and may even plunder or destroy the commonwealth along the way
    – fix elections to ensure that the “enemy” is defeated. If caught they will say that no one could have anticipated an enemy like this right and they were “defending freedom”.

    (a stream of conscious interpretation of Dr. Laurence Brit’s 14 Characteristics of Fascism: http://www.rense.com/general37/char.htm)

  4. Brendan Says:

    BTW…Thanks for the blogroll llink ggwfung. Much appreciated. I like yours and will add it to mine and return for some more good discussion. I’m hoping mine will spark some as well.

  5. whitishrabbit Says:

    Silver- your description of people as a ‘many headed beast’, not a single organism is apt, and it seems like when one group gets the idea that the world would be better if they eradicated another group… (ie: genocide, atomic bombs), then like the hydra, the attempt to cut off one of those heads just creates several more, angrier heads.

    I think to progress the slightest bit as a species we have to let go of this notion that war/violence solves problems. It only creates problems. Communication, extraordinary tolerance, and the willingness to try to solve differences, I believe these are the only routes to a better world. That said, I am very pessimistic about the human race’s chance to progress. There are some people very willing to try these routes, but so many others that lean toward violence willingly, eagerly. I think we will manage to end our own little stint on this planet before we’ve even accumulated the wisdom to graduate kindergarten as a species.

  6. mrssveinson Says:

    I think language can hold a lot of power in dealing with anger/grief & despair; we are socialized in violent world.

    I’ve read, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. He has worked internationally with groups to help hostilities btw them. The Center For Non Violent Communication is a non profit the helps to keep peace.


    In regards to what silvertiger wrote I don’t think freedom cause war anymore then not being free. Either way there are agitators to violence, I believe all wars are fought for money and land. They may use Religion to hide their evil intent but bottom line, my belief is that it’s just pure and simple greed.

    ggf it’s nice to read pleads for peace, I’m in a good headspace now to start my day.

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