Becoming a Yoga Master

Life’s been a little dull of late.  I think I’ve been looking for a new personal challenge.  It’s probably time I returned to yoga.

Yoga is something I’ve done on and off for the last 10 years.  BKS Iyengar has been the great guide, and I’ve learnt everything from his masterful “Light on Yoga”.  A classic book full of pics.

I’ve never really progressed beyond the basic poses.  Lotus, headstand, basic leg stretches; none of the really contortionist stuff.  It does fascinate me, and has helped with my circulation and joints in the past.

It’s probably time to commit to a full regimen.  I haven’t been running in a couple of years, and I think the creaks and flubber are starting to show.

I’ll give myself six months to make some real progress.


12 Responses to “Becoming a Yoga Master”

  1. Winluck Wong Says:

    hi ggw, thanks for the comment! i think that’s a great idea actually. we’d have a lot more holidays during the year first off. plus, it’s a chance for us to learn about all the different cultures in the world, which is becoming increasingly important as our global village is becoming more pronounced.

    kudos to you for practicing yoga. i’m horrible in terms of flexibility so yoga’s not really my thing. i would like to try it someday though.

  2. ggwfung Says:

    Winluck Wong, that is one crazy name!

    here’s to yoga and backbreaking bends.

  3. dailymuse Says:

    I hear ya… I have been toying with the same idea. I will mirror your commitment. I’m gonna start when my deadlines are over on Friday.

  4. Lisa Bettany Says:

    yoga and i have a very strange relationship. i like it and really want to know it and learn it, but it doesn’t seem to like me or my fragile body. as a broken ex-figure skater, i can’t really force the issue. so for now, yoga will just have to remain on the “window-shopping” blogroll of my heart.

  5. Jon Says:

    Becoming a part of wordpress was sort of my “mental” yoga, heh…

    It’s a nice escape from all my mathematics work.

  6. kikipotamus Says:

    I also want to get back to SOMETHING soon. For a while I worked out with weights, but that is no longer easy without a car. When I lived in a highrise with an indoor pool, I swan 3x a week and boy, did I enjoy the new stamina, energy and muscle tone that brought!

    There is a Tai Chi studio near here. Hmmmm. Something….gotta do something.



  7. SilverTiger Says:

    I have never tried yoga. It doesn’t attract me for some reason though I once tried T’ai Chi. I have never developed a use for pulling my foot up my back to my ear. Maybe I will need to do that one day and be seriously miffed that I can’t.

    I also tried Zen meditation. That was “interesting”. If I tried it now I would just fall asleep on the mat. According to a recent article, meditation helps keep your brain young and active. I think I have missed the boat.

    Of course, there are many yogas, and physical exercise is just part of the wider system. Practised yogins can do amazing things.

    C.G. Jung believed that it was actually dangerous for people to practise spiritual regimes from other cultures, e.g. his introduction to The Secret of the Golden Flower, but other thinkers have considered it a good thing to sample the methods of spiritual cultivation of other peoples, for example consider the American Trappist monk Thomas Merton and his long flirtation with Zen.

    Who is right? What with Buddhism spreading in the West and Christianity making inroads in the East, maybe the answer is waiting to be found.

  8. tobeme Says:

    You will do great with Yoga, once you commit to it. Sounds like you are not yet in full committal mode yet. Sounds like you want the results which Yoga will produce, not sure you sound like you really want to do it yet.
    Good luck!

  9. rjlight Says:

    The thing with Yoga is tha it isn’t just exercise–it goes deeper than that to reap the full rewards. I can’t do Yoga without meditating, and when my meditation life is weak it shows in my Yoga. Unfortunately, my yoga mat is dusty right now…

  10. inmyflops Says:

    im currently suffering a back injury (bulging disc, inflamed joints), and have read a lot about doing yoga for strengthening my back. i admire the meditation and stretching of yoga. however, it didn’t really work for me. i then tried pilates, and loved it! i found my cup o’ tea!! 🙂

  11. Rachel Tuller Says:


    Yoga is just like riding a bike, so get back on the saddle. Just go easy at first as those muscles are sure to be tight.


  12. Mack Dossey Says:

    This was a Good blog post, I will be sure to save this in my Clipmarks account. Have a great evening.

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