Back to War. Bush. Blair. Howard.

I have a prediction:  Two of the above three leaders will be gone inside three months.  Bush, Blair, Howard.  Take your pick who will be the last man standing, but he could be american, and he could be one of the few george’s on this planet to spell his name will a w.

The Westminster system of politics allows for some feedback into who is the “leader” of the country; they must be able to command a majority support inside their own party.  For Blair, this means Labour, and Howard works under a conservative coalition.  This means Blair and Howard are subject to a meaningful vote of non-confidence at any time.

And this time could be soon. To use their dastardly language, the “tipping point” of discontent is fast approaching.


10 Responses to “Back to War. Bush. Blair. Howard.”

  1. pauaprincess Says:

    This is something that has always bothered me when I am told America’s democratic system is the best. We can get rid of an unpopular PM, they are stuck with the President till his term ends.

  2. Gregor Says:

    If we could through Bush out with a no confidence vote we would.

    There has been some talk about impeachment. The problem there is that we would end up with President Cheney, Yucko!

  3. lancekennedy Says:

    The U.S. system is better in the sense that we have a system in which the executive branch of government is not held to the same account as the legislative and is truly seperate from it. The British PM is a member of Parliment whereas the President is entirely seperate from Congress. In this sense the U.S. federal government has more checks and balances than the Westminster system. No confidence vote? Ok, we don’t have the option of a no confidence vote because the Founding Fathers knew the dangers of it. We show our lack of confidence in the President by voting against his party in midterm elections (i.e. Democrats winning in ’06)

  4. carolom Says:

    Thanks for calling by my blog…

    Re you question of “Who will be the last man standing.?”
    Well I looked and looked at the list you put forward and can’t see ANY Men in that trio-of-boys-with-war-toys….

    False empires always crumble…

    Howards as good as gone….


  5. SilverTiger Says:

    Remember the cruel dictum of Joseph de Maistre that “Every country has the government it deserves.”


  6. David Says:

    I believe that Tony Blair had already said that he is going to step down in the next several months.

  7. Alon Levy Says:

    On the one hand, the American system does have the problem of Presidents being stuck in office for fixed terms. On the other, it prevents the government from arbitrarily deciding to dissolve itself when it’s popular.

  8. pauaprincess Says:

    I’ve yet to see a government under the westminster system arbitrarily dissolve itself. As for the US having the legislative arm seperate, doesn’t the President sign off on all legislation? Didn’t the president manage to force through the patriot act?

  9. kikipotamus Says:

    I agree with you and Carol. That empire is fated to fall. Soon. K

  10. rjlight Says:

    The President stays in a fixed term so that the late night comedians have enough time to get the jokes right–takes awhile to get going.

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