Zen: the empty mind

too much clutter? empty the mind

too much stress? empty the mind

too many worries? empty the mind

take time to stand back, and see things for what they are. a little swirl on the planet earth. the long lens of time will show the trivialness of all things.

meditation and peace – empty the mind
eternal joy – empty the mind

the rain drips outside. there is no fight. the laws of nature are as they are. be pliable. bend a little. the struggle will only snap you. be at peace.

empty the mind. empty the mind. empty the mind.

peace and oneness. back to the eternal zen state. one. all. unity. there is nothing else. oneness.

empty the mind. the mantra calls. empty. the. mind.

EMPTY. peace. balance. oneness. THE. eternal. tranquility. bliss. MIND.

the universe has spoken.


20 Responses to “Zen: the empty mind”

  1. homeyra Says:

    I sort of have the impression that you have written this for me 🙂
    I’ll try!

  2. radiantwoman Says:

    it rains, it drips, that is outside of you,
    never mind
    within you it never rains
    just be with the rain
    inside of you is the sun

  3. kystorms Says:

    great piece, wish it were true, wish it were possible . being alone with one’s self is sometimes the worst and most lonely place there is. For some, the empty place is already there and needs filling.

  4. tobeme Says:

    I would love to comment, however I just emptied my mind. Ha.

    Lovely post! Very wise.

  5. rlao Says:

    I love the piece; however I struggle to achieve because this in some ways conflicts with the last post which called for choices. Maybe not. I often find myself try to find the balance between letting it go and taking actions against it. It is an art.

  6. newhoosier Says:

    And empty the life.

    I know too many people in bad relationships that don’t empty because they’re afraid of being empty.

    If you need someone, you need to be without someone.

    Oh, and you’re completely right about being able to bend.

  7. Sharon Says:

    my seven-year-old suggested I do this last night : just empty the mind.

  8. Winluck Says:

    Yeah, I find Zen meditation to be very intriguing. The theory is that with emptying our minds, we would be more receptive to the wisdoms of the Universe.

    And this theory does make sense. I mean, just think about the times when your mind is cluttered with too many thoughts and you can’t concentrate on the task at hand.

    As I’ve said before, yoga’s probably not that right for my body’s inability to be flexible (even though I would be willing to try it) but Zen meditation isn’t quite as demanding on the body as it’s all about the mind. I recommend it to anyone who needs to find their inner peace.

    – Winluck

  9. Black Knight Says:

    Empty the mind. . . and who knows what sort of crap will fill it up??

  10. ~m Says:

    Easier said than done.
    I’m kind of with Black Knight: what sort of crap will fill it up?

  11. ggwfung Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments:

    homeyra, radiantwoman, kystorms, tobeme, rlao

    newhoosier, sharon, winluck, black knight, tilda m

    appreciate your thoughts.


  12. globetrotteri Says:

    WOW! Great post ggw! I think I’m going to go and do this right now. Sincere thanks for reminding me to do so!

  13. Jon Says:

    Want to empty your mind? Take a drill and a suction tube to it.


  14. yogini Says:

    Amen………………….. good stuff.

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  19. shaun Says:

    🙂 Namaste

  20. madhu Says:

    Thank you for sharing. You are right, emptying mind is very important to stay in peace. But it is difficult to practice. We need a lot of practice to get used to that….

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