Speaking Clear, Speaking True

When someone wants to confuse you, they use jargon. Mumble-jumble. An appeal to a textbook. You just want to know why, and how it works, and they come back with a whole bag of garbage.

The truth is ever simple.

It is spoken with the clarity a child can understand. A story that moves from one simple place to another, a step by step process.

Experts know a lot about nothing.

The holistic view is what separates out true understanding. Seeing all the pieces, all the consequences. How it fits together, and being able to communicate this.

Simple, precise, elegant language. Being able to communicate and empower. Painting a vision to help you help yourself. Words that live on in the palace of time.

Speaking clear, speaking true.


11 Responses to “Speaking Clear, Speaking True”

  1. Jon Says:

    In fields where there are so many ideas, jargon is a way to simplify. In mathematics, we define simpler ideas so that we can use them in more complicated ones. The name of the thing is not important except in the sense that it’s an abbreviation for a specific idea. We do that with verbal language too. It’s easier for me to ask you to pass the dictionary than to ask you to pass the “bundled paper object that explains what all the words mean”.

  2. SilverTiger Says:

    There is an old joke that compares the expert with the generalist. According to this, the generalist learns less and less about more and more until he knows nothing about everything whereas the expert learns more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.

    We would like to think that everything that can be known can be explained elegantly in “layman’s language”. Unfortunately, it is not so. New knowledge often takes us not merely to the edge of understanding but also to the edge of language. In order to convey these new concepts, we may have to invent new words. Inevitably, the man on the Clapham omnibus will regard these as “jargon”.

    I am told, for example, that the more esoteric features of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity can be expressed only in mathematical formulae, not in words. At times, language falls short of the complexity and subtlety of nature.


  3. Naughty Heather Says:

    I work in HIV Prevention and Care and jargon is a way to identify “family” – if I mention ACU or CD4 or ADAP or OIs and you know what I’m talking about, then you are one of us. It’s not intentional, but I am sure almost every field has this phenomenon. When I train, and I have to take all the jargon out…it’s hard.

    Great post. I will definitely be more cognizant of the truth I want to speak! Thanks

  4. Madsvibe Says:

    That is a great man. I just love the bit about jargon and the way people use it to confuse you. You know, like marketers (and am one of them) using all those features of their product on you that they have no idea how it works but just for impressions?

  5. tobeme Says:

    We are all guilty of using jargon. In the right group, jargon does save time in communication. Outside of that group, it does just the opposite. It is paramount to always know your audience.

    Truth is often simple, yet complex, depends on where you are standing.

  6. JWT Says:

    the truth is always simpler than the lie

  7. radiantwoman Says:

    Does love need words? An experience also can say more than 1000 words can.

  8. whitishrabbit Says:

    That’s you! clear, concise, simple, elegant (and condensed to cereal box friendly size).

  9. matt Says:

    People probably prefer to be confused (by jargon). That way they have an excuse not to know. Pass things by … take no responsibility.

    If they knew what really went on out there, they’d probably implode. Call it a ….. ‘sensibility filter’, a way of survival. 🙂

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