The Long Cycle of Time

Time appears to be linear; and on a short scale it is – there is the start of the day, we work our way towards lunch, go home, vegetate, then sleep. The week goes from a beginning to an end, and the year too has it’s markers – from New Years through Easter and the Christmas Rush. A definite start and finish.

But we can also superimpose these segments – pile them on top of each other to show the cyclic nature of things.

Seeing the seasons come round – again and again – the years on years delivering a similar message. Taking a step back, and seeing life passing through the same stages – in different places in different ways. A similar core to all these things.

There is the cycle, and there is the spiral. The cycle of one thing – a day or a year – and the spiral – where all these circles are connected, joined by the linear motion of time, giving us a cross-section, an unfolding, a direction to all these cycles. It is the life spiral of a city or a civilisation, a long term cross-section, an x-ray of meaning.

Life spins out minute by minute, hour by hour, but it also wraps around itself to generate these cycles – small little pieces building up like bricks, going round and round, forming an edifice of being, a construction of who we are.

Time, indeed, does go round.


13 Responses to “The Long Cycle of Time”

  1. Naughty Heather Says:

    My 5 year old told me yesterday that the days of the week go in circles…interesting that she has already picked up on this!

  2. tobeme Says:

    Very well written! Yes time is circular. Of course our time in human form is very measurable and finite, however our time, the time of our soul is infinite.

  3. Kent Says:

    Beautiful serpentine imagery…makes me think of the mayan calendar

  4. whig Says:

    we are forming the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

  5. whig Says:

    This is analogous to an intervention. We require the people to understand that they must save themselves.

  6. whitishrabbit Says:

    A tie-in:

  7. because ramblings inspire me Says:

    you left a comment on my blog yesterday, in response to sugar coca tea…how did you find my blog? just wondering. do i know you?

  8. ggwfung Says:

    Thanks for the replies.

    Naughty Heather: smart kid!

    tobeme: yes, the universe is an eternal spinning vortex

    Kent: you’re back! thought you’d dropped your blog!

    whig: it is a time of self-empowerment

    whitishrabbit: thanks for the link.

    ramblings: I’ve replied by email.

    Thanks for all your thoughts, and above all, thanks for reading!

  9. ~m Says:

    Never have I been so intensely aware of the passage of time until I had children. My first born is now a sophomore in college.
    I remember with clarity the day she was born.
    That, my friend, is frightening.
    Great post, ggw…

  10. shaunak Says:

    This is about the same subject.

  11. rlao Says:

    Almost everything, if not all, goes around in circle. British was in power in late 19 century; Chinese was in power before that; American is in power now. We all are taking turns. Fashions come around in circle too, so save your outdated items for a revival in 20 years.

  12. Jon Says:

    Not to shatter all these whimsical descriptions or anything, but..

    Is time circular? Or do we simply perceive arbitrary similarities and ascribe circularity to it?

    I don’t know. All of these relative notions of time and space are much less interesting to me.

    After all, the Earth is never in the same place twice. Neither are you. Neither is anything that exists in our universe. Why? Because it’s expanding. You were closer to the center of the universe a second ago than you are now.

    You should look for the differences, not the similarities. It’s the differences that are much more interesting!

  13. Branden Kimberlin Says:

    Je tiens � exprimer mon admiration pour votre talent d’�criture et votre capacit� � capter vos lecteurs du d�but � la fin.

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