Quick Update

Thanks for the words everyone!  Just a short time, and we’ve got to know each other so well – all those little quirks.

There’s hope – I may have another blog underway, still on WordPress.  I’m working on it.

I apologise for all the drama – it’s been a total implosion on my side.  But that happens – as I’ve said, at least once a week.

I just needed to make a new start – refresh.

If you’re still interested, I’ll post more soon.

Thanks so much for reading, and being pals.

5 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. homeyra Says:


  2. ~m Says:

    Keep us posted.
    I’m not taking you off my blogroll just yet…

  3. Nicola Says:

    Just as I was looking forward to getting to know you ! Please keep us posted about where you are moving to.

  4. om Says:

    you rock. unless we are being paid (well) for blogging ~ i think we have complete permission to implode, explode, delete, disappear, reappear at will ~ go for it!

  5. Anna Says:

    I fell asleep. Too late to send photos. Tomorrow.

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