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Grass Roots Blogging

January 20, 2007

Here at WordPress things are done a bit differently. There seems to be a bit more community spirit around. For one thing, when you come across a fellow WordPresser, the status bar at the top screams this out – it’s one of us! They’re a good guy!

Another key difference is the absense of ads. This does two things –

1) people don’t try to con you

2) you don’t try to con others.

Simple. We do what we do out of passion, and for the sake of expression. If we can help change the world without taking a toll on someone, then all the better.

People do make a living out of blogging, and I don’t begrudge them that. The internet is just another form of media, and media thrives on ads. But you have to concede it’s ugliness and it’s compromise.

Let’s all promote the WordPress ethos.


Is It Ethical to Ad Block?

January 8, 2007

If you’re using Firefox as a browser, you can setup an ad blocker in under five minutes. The tool of choice is Adblock Plus; it’s free, effective, and time tested. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to concentrate on pages when you don’t have silly images flashing at the top of your screen and bright red links popping up everywhere.

But is it ethical?

I see a couple of issues here –

1. the advertiser only gets charged when you click on an ad. If you don’t see it, it’s not an issue. This is different from traditional media where the advertiser pays up front.

2. the page owner (or blogger) might rely quite heavily on ads to support their income. If you don’t play the game, they might not either.

Ultimately, the web is a form of media like all those before it, and media almost always evolves to an advertising supported model. It’s being able to get someone’s attention, and then giving it away to a third party (to sell something).

I guess if you’re running ads to support yourself, you shouldn’t be using an ad blocker.

Doing Ads. Seriously

December 27, 2006

There are WordPress themes that do ads. And there are other WordPress themes that Do Ads. Then there’s the “SEO Adsense WordPress Theme” that Really Does Ads. It might come as a bit of a shock to your everyday garden-variety amateur blogger to come across such a template, but there it is, in all it’s vermillion red glory.

I actually quite like it. The ads are quite unashamably ads, not mixed into posts like is the trend these days. In fact, it’s getting so bad, I think google is going to have to address it this year. Adsense Deluxe is just too powerful a tool.

Picked up via BlogCarta.