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Feeding the Hungry Soul

March 9, 2007

Metatrons Art Gallery

Secularity has its limits.

Even the most hard-headed, rational, logical people I know tap into something beyond them.

They call it

1) art

2) humanity

but they feel the need to go beyond themselves, to see a greater end, to see the beauty and wisdom in things.

The rest of us call it spiritual.


I often muse on the Hungry Soul. When all the basics of human life have been satisfied (a home, a family, a job, comforts) there is still a streching out towards something greater – towards the intangibles. I have seen it in too many faces.

A quest for greatness? immortality? It is something more. It is an inner satisfaction – an inner balance.

The mysterious, the wondrous, nature, beauty, life – it is all around us to inspire and spark the being inside. We can go beyond ourselves. At anytime.

This additional layer – the mystique – sits above all the other things we have as a person. It is an extra layer – going deep. It is an addition to our personality, habits, and experiences. It becomes an extra lens to see things.

It also empowers all the other things we do – our community minglings, warm family, proper work. It becomes a lifelong source.


I am in awe.


Inventions and Symphonies

February 26, 2007

I’m continually amazed at the jetstream of human creativity. It’s just there, everywhere! Pictures, videos, sound, words – it’s constantly being produced and displayed on the web. Visiting blogs I know and seeing a sudden turn, or finding new voices almost daily – it’s a wonderland of delight.

The inner creator – this is the new media versus the old; one where there were gatekeepers in contol, and now the wild west of the web; where almost anything goes.

It’s not all rosy; there’s junk and gunk; people gaming the system. But like any flourishing ecosystem, there are the pesky weeds; we just have to make sure the gorgeous flowers shine ever more brightly; to network and be strong.

I thank you for reading!

10 000 Sheep … at last count

December 27, 2006

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service has taken slave labour to a new level. Mundane, repetitive, demeaning tasks can all be set up for willing web users wanting to earn less than a dollar an hour.

One experiment conducted earlier in the year, and one possibly done to highlight the absurdity of this service, was the 10 000 Left Facing Sheep Task. Users were paid 2 cents to draw … a sheep facing to the left. The results were collected, and the final montage with instant zoom can be seen here. It’s actually quite amusing.

Yet, I still feel a sense of people being exploited and degraded, even if it is by choice. No different from people cleaning up after you in the shopping mall?

originally via info aesthetics from way back.