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Calamity Jane, Calamity John

February 27, 2007

I am optimistic. The world faces many problems, but they will be resolved. All it takes is public awareness, and the raising of public consciousness, and change will follow. I am convinced.

One often mistakes democracy for a one in 3 or 4 year vote. It is not. It is a process that takes place each day. In the media (between large interest groups), on the street (between individuals) and in the mind (of oneself). Democracy is a constant debate.

Opinion polls can drive change in the level of government. It takes time. And persuasion. That this is the right path for our society to go. Witness climate change. Al Gore could possibly have more influence in his current role than the one he really wanted. Cometh the time.

There are big issues (like water, nuclear, oil, aids) and they do take effort to tackle. Some hard thinking, weighing of evidence, a holistic view, a long term approach. In the end, it’s a legacy we leave for future generations.

Let’s make wise choices.


Developing Grace

January 19, 2007

I have always thought of myself as a bit leaden and clunky. Being popular was never me; at best it was one or two close friends, people I spent an inordinate amount of time with. It wasn’t a pretty childhood, and the “magic thing” didn’t happen as I became older. I was sort of hoping it would just spontaneously correct itself.

I’ve learnt it takes effort to overcome your personal deficiencies. For me, it was that social awkwardness from not having mixed in a large group, from not having learnt how to joke and banter, how to have that easy flow of words.

In recent years I’ve worked hard at developing a few social graces. Perhaps not being as blunt or dismissive as I used to be, really learning to listen and read what a person is trying to say, trying to join in groups a bit more.

These changes might be seen as “being fake”, but it’s more about expressing these other, dormant sides of yourself. Not character change, but rather character development. Some things aren’t as locked in as I thought they were. And for that I say thanks.

The Curious Gift of Giving

January 13, 2007

One can think of life as being a call and response. You try something, then wait to see if it works. Depending on the success or not, you might refine your approach, or try something altogether different.

But the effort is paramount. You don’t get nothin’ sitting there on that bean bag! Try, and try again is not a bad motto.

Giving is something even greater. It’s when you put something into the universe and see if it works. You don’t do it for youself, it’s done for others and the greater whole. Everytime I’ve made the effort to reach out, I’ve been delighted at the results.

Giving without thought of return is something glorious.