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Can’t Decide Which One

February 21, 2007

My apologies to everyone, but I’ve written two posts today and deleted both of them.  I can’t make up my mind.  I go into one of these brain meltdowns once a week, and today’s the day.  I’m so sorry to everyone.

I have my sleeping disorders as well as a coffee mania.  The two are probably linked.  I did intend this blog to be ideas based, and not a personal rant board.  I lapse.

So, if you can’t decide which one, what do you do?

1. roll a dice

2. go to sleep

3. close your eyes, and hope for the best

4. have a temper tantrum

5. write, delete, write, delete

6. say sorry, so sorry

7. go drink some more coffee

hasn’t been the pleasantest of days, hope to be back tomorrow


Open Brain

February 3, 2007

Information goes in, and it goes out. That’s what the brain does. It acts a processor, a cruncher, an analysis machine, and it’s where we exist as human beings. In the mind, in the brain.

It is essentially a three step process –

Information goes in – we see, we hear, we read. Those who are bright don’t just exist in their own world – they take in information constantly. In a way, there is almost too much data out there, and we have to find what’s relevant to us. Take your pick – books, movies, blogs – it’s a glut.

Data gets crunched – we all have our own models of how things work. We process what our senses feed us, and add what we already know, and we generate meaning. Is it funny? useful? Analysing things is sometimes not in our control, so we have to watch what happens in our head ie prejudices, first impressions.

Out it goes – it’s fun being exposed to ideas, and making sense of it all, but the really great part is sharing what you know – sending the information back out into the world – talking, writing, engaging with others.

The Open Brain is probably not so much about the middle step (processing the info, which deserves it’s own post) but rather the flows in and the flows out. When things are going really well for us, we take things in so easily, and enrich it for others.

A lot of mental problems have to do with impaired information flows. Autism (info in), Old Age (info in), Depression (info out), Mania (info out).

When my Brain is Fully Open, I find I can read gazillions of pages, incorporate much of it, and then type to my heart’s content. That isn’t a boast, but just an example of what I think the Open Brain is all about.

Open your Brains!