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Can’t Decide Which One

February 21, 2007

My apologies to everyone, but I’ve written two posts today and deleted both of them.  I can’t make up my mind.  I go into one of these brain meltdowns once a week, and today’s the day.  I’m so sorry to everyone.

I have my sleeping disorders as well as a coffee mania.  The two are probably linked.  I did intend this blog to be ideas based, and not a personal rant board.  I lapse.

So, if you can’t decide which one, what do you do?

1. roll a dice

2. go to sleep

3. close your eyes, and hope for the best

4. have a temper tantrum

5. write, delete, write, delete

6. say sorry, so sorry

7. go drink some more coffee

hasn’t been the pleasantest of days, hope to be back tomorrow


Caffeine Mania

January 10, 2007

I’ve just woken up from a 16 hour sleep. And I was sleeping a bit before that as well. Some sort of lurking virus, but even so, I suspect it was more to do with sleep loss due to caffeine. Those short blacks and small cappuccinos are really starting to run my life.

Not just me, but the whole western world I think. Some scholars try to pinpoint the start of the Enlightenment Era to the introduction of Coffee Houses in Europe. Far fetched? It certainly allows humans to get through some really difficult mental work.

Oh well, I’m going to head off to get a super caffeine hit. Read more about this legal insanity here.