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Is Unemployment a Bad Thing?

February 10, 2007

Metatrons Art Gallery

There are some schools of thought who think unemployment isn’t a bad thing.


People become unemployed for many reasons. First timers, people transitioning, people made redundant, just drifters. There’s no one type of unemployed person, just like there’s no one type of employed person. There’s all sorts.

So why’s it good?

It means the economy can expand quickly if there is a need to. Businesses can hire labourers, skilled workers, young people, old people, without pinching other people’s staff all the time. Job-hopping is still a problem, but it can be alleviated if there is a bigger pool to draw upon.

When it’s said and done, for all the salient arguments in favour of unemployment, I still have one thing left to say –

I’ve been there, and it sux.