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Bare Feet, Dirty Feet

February 6, 2007

Metatrons Art Gallery

For many years now, I have gone barefoot. It is not something you can do everywhere, but it something you can incorporate into parts of your life.

Just being at home, with a carpeted surface – that’s an obvious start.

At work, if you are in an office, you can slip your shoes off. Don’t try walking around if the boss is in, but you can give your feet some breathing space.

My feet have always been quite wide, and ever since starting junior school, shoes have been a chore to come by. They either pinched at the sides, or ended up looking like clown’s shoes.

Sandals have been the gift from god. No more smelly socks, adjustable straps, just a glorious all leather solution.

College campuses are quite tolerant of the bohemian person. Great place to bare foot it.

Watch out for chewing gum. That stuff sticks, and stinks.

Cuts aren’t as common as you might think. Most problems come through wearing down of the sole (leading to light weeping) and dry cracks that appear in winter. Things toughen up in a short 3 months.

I’ve actualy run bareboot, and marathons have been won by barefooters (Abebe Bikila, 1960 and 1964 Olympics).