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A Food Experiment

January 25, 2007

I once tried living off fruit.

It lasted for about 3 months, and came at a difficult point in my life. I didn’t seem to have any control of my life, so I turned things inward – it became about food.

So yeah, apples, oranges, bananas, the stock stuff, plus the more exotic tangerines, kiwi fruit, and various melons. There was also peaches and pears, and cherries whenever I could afford them. I tried to be as diverse as I could.

It seemed like one long haze. There was a constant hunger, so I ate every 90 minutes, And fruit is mostly water, so I had to piss all the time. Sleep was light. Concentration very difficult.

In the end I just got bored of it. I started adding cooked vegetables, then rice, then breads and butter, and before long meats were back on the menu.

I haven’t looked back since.