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Words Spinning into the Future

March 1, 2007

As we blog away, write away, who knows where these words will be read. All it takes is one inbound link into a collection of thoughts, and they become accessible to future generations.

So often it takes a bit of a stumbling attitude to discover new things. It has happened in science, and it happens in art – a chance combination of words, or fluid stroke, an odd chord – the creative leap into a new space.

All is not grand though: we work in an electronic and digital medium; things can be erased instantly. No power, and we lose our built-up archives. We trust there are guardians and safeguards in place.

We do our work and our thinking; now and into the future.


Changing the World from the Keyboard

February 13, 2007

The man of letters is back.

Once a staple of public life, the likes of Henry James and Bernard Shaw have been in short supply. Television, and especially cable, have made the moving image dominant, and pushed back the role of letters.

Things are shifting back now. Ideas were once passed around via yellow pamphlets and personal letters.

Today, the weapon of choice is blog/email.

From the comfort of our keyboards we can reach out and engage others. Debate, provoke, challenge, present. Think of it as a level-market for ideas. By discussing things we expose assumptions and ignorance. (myself included!)

It’s an exciting time to be living in.

What is “change the world”?

January 22, 2007

I was on the train today thinking about the expression “change the world”. Since starting this blog, I have used the phrase on a number of occasions, without really explaining what I mean. Now is the time to “change the world”.

I start with –

1) every person has a collection of “thoughts and behaviours”. These can be modified.

2) whenever we engage with someone, in whatever way (conversation, email, phone) the outcome of that interaction is determined by the “thoughts and behaviours” on both sides. An outcome is produced.

3) what we know as society, is just a pyramid of all these interactions, happening millions of times per second. Society produces a collective result of what is acceptable and not acceptable. Think of smoking, think of slavery. At different times society determines what is ok to do. Politics and government is just a reflection of what society says is ok.

4) get back to point number one. We change our “thoughts and behaviours” and we eventually “change the world”.

Is this just too freaky? Is there a flaw in my thinking?

Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Top 10 Lists of Top Reasons

January 4, 2007

10. I have to count

9. I have to count backwards

8. I don’t like counting backwards (it’s not a space shuttle launch you know)

7. I like 7. I want to stop here.

6. You have to make stuff up when you run out of ideas (ever heard of a top 9 list?)

5. Five to go, no four

4. the four elements are fire, earth, air, and water. Chinese chuck in metal for 5

3. two, one

2. aren’t you bored yet?

1. this is a truly crappy post

inspired by Dorai’s post, and Stuart’s post

Web 2.0 is nothing more than infrastructure

December 31, 2006

The so-called social web explosion of web2.0 is nothing more than infrastructure. myspaces, diggs, youtubes – all make it easy for you to create a profile, add your own content, and then link to others. The wild woolly world of the free internet is just too chaotic and formless to act as a lone gun.

You need your mates online, and you need to be able to connect to them easily. That’s web2.0.


1) flickr – upload your photos, connect to others

2) youtube – upload videos, connect to others

3) myspace – upload your life – connect to others

4) delicious – save your bookmarks, connect to others

These companies succeeded because they built fast, reliable infrastructure, and let their users do the rest.

That’s web2.0

Steve Pavlina running it down?

December 30, 2006

I’m a big fan of Steve’s site. His “Personal Development for Smart People” has been an intriguing source of ideas and wisdom since I first came across it.

But is Steve Pavlina running it down? Ever since the forums opened up, the postings have been pretty sparse. Not that they are of a lower quality – some of his sharpest stuff has been this month – but he’s almost down to a post a week.

I certainly hope he keeps it going, but I really think there are other challenges on the horizon, and he’s probably achieved what he’s wanted to with his site.

Check out his archives for an awesome collection of challenging, life-changing material. Thanks so much Steve.

Want Eyeballs? Think 4 Billion

December 27, 2006

Want a readership for your blog? Time to think big. Like 4 billion big. Yep, 4 billion readers. Forget digg, think of every person on the planet reading your stuff. I don’t know if aliens can log in, but they might want to, if you’re good enough.

It’s simple. In today’s instantly connected world, the “mass market” is bigger than ever. Think Simpsons. Think Spiderman. Think Lord of the Rings. For god’s sake, think of Harry Potter. It’s a global market, and the potential for one individual’s success is on a phenomenal scale.

Think big. Think 4 billion eyeballs. The whole planet is your potential readership.

What are we all Waiting For?

December 26, 2006

The 3 big consoles have arrived, Intel have made their Core Duo play, no one cares about Vista, and there’s enough ipod models to sink the Queen Mary 2.  So what’s everyone waiting for in 2007?

1. WebTV?  Nah, bandwidth hog, and who wants it on a laptop?  Cable and HDTV are too close a fit.  Youtube fills the snippet market.

2. Macbook Thin?  Nah, the 13 inch model for low-end, and the 15 inch Pro take care of the two markets.  A 12 inch superportable just ain’t enticing enough.

3. Human Assisted Search?  Nah, I trust google.  They’ve got everything else of mine, they can have search too.

4. Jesus?  Don’t know.  I think the Mayan Calendar points to 2012.

5. Get Rich Quick?  where?  sign me up!

Conclusion?  2007 is going to be a dull year for tech. Web2.0 and ajax will mature and refine, but 2006 will go down as the revolutionary year.  All the money is on climate change as being the number one issue.