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Exotic Places: India

February 11, 2007

Ever since reading Vikram Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy’, I have developed a fascination for all things Indian.

Here are some of the changes I have observed in myself:

1. I can actually enjoy Bollywood (even the really bad stuff)

2. I eat curry all the time (Chicken Thakmasala is my fav)

3. I know where Chennai is (though don’t ask me what it was called before)

4. I have one Indian friend (her name is Alanna)

5. I’ve learnt the Hindi alphabet (well, sort of)

6. I can name the Indian cricket team (ever heard of Sachin Tendulkar)

7. and all this from reading one book (although it was a big fat book)

Some people develop fixations on China, others on France, and others still love all things Australian. My current love affair is with sweltering, bustling, chaotic India.