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On Learning Latin

January 1, 2007

Reading this post here, reminded me of some of the good old days I had at uni. Instead of attending second year thermodynamics courses or reading the latest on invertible matrices, I would bunk off and head to the library to immerse myself in George Eliot or Shakespeare.

One of my other abiding interests at the time was Latin. It was a good three or four year tussle, but I finally managed to get a good grasp on this ancient tongue. For those of you with the time and deep inclination, I have a few starting points for you –

Gavin Betts’ “Teach Yourself Latin” is the best single volume you can buy. I tried about five different tacks, and I always ended up coming back to this one. Getting through the first couple of chapters makes you feel like a hero, but be warned, it ramps up pretty quickly.

latin newspaper? yep, there is one. And updated daily too.

latin library? this is unbeatable. Just the complete texts, nothing extraneous

google latin? it’s the real deal