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The Long Cycle of Time

March 6, 2007

Time appears to be linear; and on a short scale it is – there is the start of the day, we work our way towards lunch, go home, vegetate, then sleep. The week goes from a beginning to an end, and the year too has it’s markers – from New Years through Easter and the Christmas Rush. A definite start and finish.

But we can also superimpose these segments – pile them on top of each other to show the cyclic nature of things.

Seeing the seasons come round – again and again – the years on years delivering a similar message. Taking a step back, and seeing life passing through the same stages – in different places in different ways. A similar core to all these things.

There is the cycle, and there is the spiral. The cycle of one thing – a day or a year – and the spiral – where all these circles are connected, joined by the linear motion of time, giving us a cross-section, an unfolding, a direction to all these cycles. It is the life spiral of a city or a civilisation, a long term cross-section, an x-ray of meaning.

Life spins out minute by minute, hour by hour, but it also wraps around itself to generate these cycles – small little pieces building up like bricks, going round and round, forming an edifice of being, a construction of who we are.

Time, indeed, does go round.


Begging the Universe for Something (it ain’t that easy)

March 3, 2007

There’s a lot of get rich schemes out there.

Actually it’s not just get rich. It’s get beautiful, get smart, get healthy. Take a pill. Hand over your cash. We’ve got the secret.

It’s all too easy.

Unfortunately, nothing makes up for hard work and discipline.

Think you can buy your way into being a pianist? A champion runner? A sprinter elite? I don’t think so.

Practice and hard work. Plus a dose of talent.

There’s no gimmicks. You can’t fake it. You can’t buy it. These guys are just out to make a buck.

A Speed Reading Culture

February 9, 2007

Life’s getting faster all the time. There seems to be more to read, more to see (DVDs), more music to listen to. It’s a media glut, and we can only really enjoy a slice of it.

But even with the stuff we get our hands on, do we really appreciate it’s value? I find myself really rushing through things these days. Books get digested, movies consumed, classical cds spun off the platter.

But do I really savour it, enjoy the experience?

There is this pressure to get it done, and then move on. There’s all this other stuff you have to try! But what about processing the memory, distilling it’s value? A bit of time to walk and think about it.

I wonder if life has become a DVD on fast forward – just a blur, no comprehension. Rush without meaning.

Potential and its Fullfillment

January 26, 2007

We all know we can be better than we are. There are skills we know are undeveloped, and talents left dormant. Duties of family and work are vital to who we are, but can consume almost every hour of our waking week. All too easily, 6 months can slip by, we get up, have a look in the mirror, and see the same person, a little older, a little greyer, but not much wiser. This drifting of life is something I’ve had to face – how do we keep moving forward, instead of just spinning our wheels in the tractionless dust?

We can improve who we are. The more we develop ourselves, develop understanding and wisdom, the more we can put back into the system, this vast, slurring ecosystem of life. We can help others.

Some people are funny, others logical, others good at making friends. Others are creative, some crazy, and some are good typists who never make any mistakes (not me by the way). All these skills. talents, and traits go into the human mixing bowl of society.

We withdraw to hone our skills, and then we return to give back to our fellow man. The more we fulfill our potential, the greater our gift.

Potential is a lovely upward climb, to see the stars, to go through ardour and challenge, to explore new greens. It’s a path each person has to walk for themselves, but help is everywhere to be found. We just have to make the effort.

I’ll see you on the journey!

The Inner Work-Life Balance

January 15, 2007

Work, for ninety percent of people, is about money.

Most people don’t mind their job, and some even find it gratifying, but start and stop of story, it’s about an income.

And why an income? Because you need to spend!

But what has to be acknowledged is that spending needs vary at different stages of life. And even then, there is a discretionary element. There are choices between renting/owning, driving/busing, eating out/cooking at home. Costs can be controlled.

There is only so much time in a month, and how you divide it up is up to you. Lots of costs, means full time work. Spending less, maybe there is an option to drop a day or two.

It’s that inner balance between what you have to do, and what you choose to do. The divide between the cares of life, and the joys of life. It’s up to you.

Doing what already has been done

January 5, 2007

There’s no worse feeling for an individual than to be stuck in a rut. It’s all the worse because the person usually knows it too. It might be a smoking addiction, a depressive phase, a too repetitve job, whatever, but when you are asked to do what has already been done, the question is, why?

That’s the little seed of humanity speaking up. We all know as human beings from an early age that the point of life is to grow. To learn new things, to try zany experiences, to connect, to be a bigger individual. Some things take practice to learn, and that’s fine. We all respect that.

The issue is, doing things that no longer help us grow. These are the things that have already been done, and quite rightly, we say no!, I don’t want to do that. I want to try something new. I want to be better individual.