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Freedom of Movement of Peoples (open borders)

February 23, 2007

Anybody remember trade tariffs? No, me neither. They were designed to keep the bad things out. Us versus Them.

Anybody remember passports and immigration rules? No, me neither. They were designed to keep undesirable people out. Us versus Them.

This way of thinking is grossly flawed. There are no countries, no individual states. They are convenient administation blocs for politics.

There are only people living in different places. Human beings, ordinary people, mothers, fathers, children, labourers. Just human beings trying to get by.

Let’s face it, 95% of us could not be bothered moving. Why would we? We’ve got our jobs, our friends, our comfort zone where we are. The people who want to move are the ones who need it most.

So what are you really afraid of? Poor people taking your welfare? Sponging on your taxes? Muslims? Diseased people?

Countries are entirely artificial.

Only human beings in different places.

Back to War. Bush. Blair. Howard.

February 20, 2007

I have a prediction:  Two of the above three leaders will be gone inside three months.  Bush, Blair, Howard.  Take your pick who will be the last man standing, but he could be american, and he could be one of the few george’s on this planet to spell his name will a w.

The Westminster system of politics allows for some feedback into who is the “leader” of the country; they must be able to command a majority support inside their own party.  For Blair, this means Labour, and Howard works under a conservative coalition.  This means Blair and Howard are subject to a meaningful vote of non-confidence at any time.

And this time could be soon. To use their dastardly language, the “tipping point” of discontent is fast approaching.

A Corrupt Political Process

February 4, 2007

Politics has become one giant game. Here’s how to play.

1. you need a profile
2. use the media to gain that profile

3. need money to advertise yourself
4. take money as political donations

5. indebted to lobby groups
6. politics gets corrupted

Politics eventually becomes legislation, and legislation becomes the rules we all have to live by. Whether it’s tax, welfare, the military, education or health, the government is the big dude. Politics has never been totally clean, but let’s demand a bit more transparency.