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Between Search and Serendipity

January 3, 2007

Google is great at what it does, that is, search for something specific enough, and in most cases, you’ll probably get it.

But what’s missing is that element of browsability.  Pick up a book, and have a flick through it – you’ll pick out key elements.

How often have you gone to a bookstore looking for one thing and buying something unrelated?

So be careful for what you search for … you might actually get it.

Delicious and the New Search

December 25, 2006

There’s been a lot of talk recently about refining search engine results, eradicating spam sites, even adding a human editorial element to the process.  What this overlooks is that there is already a massive database of what people actually want.

It’s called delicious.  These are the bookmarks of sites that people find useful, and want to return to.  It even has the popularity “link ranking” of google.  All it takes now is for someone to do the conversion process.