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Feeding the Hungry Soul

March 9, 2007

Metatrons Art Gallery

Secularity has its limits.

Even the most hard-headed, rational, logical people I know tap into something beyond them.

They call it

1) art

2) humanity

but they feel the need to go beyond themselves, to see a greater end, to see the beauty and wisdom in things.

The rest of us call it spiritual.


I often muse on the Hungry Soul. When all the basics of human life have been satisfied (a home, a family, a job, comforts) there is still a streching out towards something greater – towards the intangibles. I have seen it in too many faces.

A quest for greatness? immortality? It is something more. It is an inner satisfaction – an inner balance.

The mysterious, the wondrous, nature, beauty, life – it is all around us to inspire and spark the being inside. We can go beyond ourselves. At anytime.

This additional layer – the mystique – sits above all the other things we have as a person. It is an extra layer – going deep. It is an addition to our personality, habits, and experiences. It becomes an extra lens to see things.

It also empowers all the other things we do – our community minglings, warm family, proper work. It becomes a lifelong source.


I am in awe.