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How Sport Holds Society Together

February 1, 2007

In a world of fragmentation and drift, there is only one thing left that holds us together. And that is sport.

Let’s look at why Sport works

1. Big Numbers – national leagues draw in 10’s and 100’s of millions of people. If society is about a shared experience, then professional sport can reach out to everyone.

2. Heroes and Villains – the human mind works best at the storytelling level. It’s about people and how to cope with them. We all have our favourite players and we have fun dissing the other team.

3. Reality Check – there is almost near unlimited choice out there. How do we decide what is “slightly” better? Sport makes the decision for us. It’s there, Friday night, 8pm.

4. Full On Action – in a world of office rats and chair warmers, we all yearn for a bit of action. Movement, power, speed – we can enjoy it all from the sofa.

5. Tight Focus – big leagues typically have 10-15 teams with 100-150 players. Even tennis has a top 100. When we talk about Tiger Woods, it is that Tiger Woods.

6. We All Admire – champion players go beyond the field. We can all admire their fighting spirit, their grit, their skill and dedication, their heart, their struggle.

7. The Big Build – ten minute segments build a game, and lots of games go into a season. There are playoffs, then the big epic final. Sport has a sense of purpose.

All these qualities of sport go beyond the individual and permeate into the society. It is what binds us together.