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Potential and its Fullfillment

January 26, 2007

We all know we can be better than we are. There are skills we know are undeveloped, and talents left dormant. Duties of family and work are vital to who we are, but can consume almost every hour of our waking week. All too easily, 6 months can slip by, we get up, have a look in the mirror, and see the same person, a little older, a little greyer, but not much wiser. This drifting of life is something I’ve had to face – how do we keep moving forward, instead of just spinning our wheels in the tractionless dust?

We can improve who we are. The more we develop ourselves, develop understanding and wisdom, the more we can put back into the system, this vast, slurring ecosystem of life. We can help others.

Some people are funny, others logical, others good at making friends. Others are creative, some crazy, and some are good typists who never make any mistakes (not me by the way). All these skills. talents, and traits go into the human mixing bowl of society.

We withdraw to hone our skills, and then we return to give back to our fellow man. The more we fulfill our potential, the greater our gift.

Potential is a lovely upward climb, to see the stars, to go through ardour and challenge, to explore new greens. It’s a path each person has to walk for themselves, but help is everywhere to be found. We just have to make the effort.

I’ll see you on the journey!


Where do I blog?

January 2, 2007

2007 is going to be big year for blogs. Like big big. As media money transfers its way onto the net, options open up for viable incomes. You can actually survive punching out blog posts!

Just think of it as freelance writing writ large. Except it’s an open field, so you have to be bloody good. And have an entrepreneurial spirit. But the barriers to entry are zilch.

Where do I start? What field? Excellent question, glad you asked.

What’s Hot

1. Science – ripe for explosion. Although Science Blogs has been up for a year, there’s something still very amateurish about it. Nature and New Scientist haven’t made the transition very well. The next Stephen Hawking could make gazillions. Huge huge ad potential from universities, research groups, instrument makers. If I was a bit brighter, I would jump in now.

2. Marketing – Steve Rubel is the guru here. Everyone wants to know how to get their message across a congested pipeline. It ain’t about ads anymore, it’s about the vibe. Branches off into design and aesthetic issues, and even the psychology of persuasion. Blog once, and earn a living as a “new media” consultant.

3. The Global Blog – all this niche filling will trigger off a counter-trend, that is, people who can see the big picture. This is where someone like myself hopes to step in. Summarise, synthesise, articulate and express. The generalist pundit.

Stay Away From

1. Tech – the geeks have this all sown up. There’s mature blogging networks in the form of Weblogs Inc. Don’t even think about it.

2. Music – every dog and his owner have their opinion. Zilch ad revenue

3. Lifestyle (ie food, wine, furniture) – the big magazine guys are going to move in on this one. You’ll get crushed.

What’s your feeling on this issue?

Want Eyeballs? Think 4 Billion

December 27, 2006

Want a readership for your blog? Time to think big. Like 4 billion big. Yep, 4 billion readers. Forget digg, think of every person on the planet reading your stuff. I don’t know if aliens can log in, but they might want to, if you’re good enough.

It’s simple. In today’s instantly connected world, the “mass market” is bigger than ever. Think Simpsons. Think Spiderman. Think Lord of the Rings. For god’s sake, think of Harry Potter. It’s a global market, and the potential for one individual’s success is on a phenomenal scale.

Think big. Think 4 billion eyeballs. The whole planet is your potential readership.