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The Difference between a Fart and a Farce

March 4, 2007

Sundays make me do strange things.  I am not responsible for what I type (the blog made me do it, I swear).  You have been forewarned.

The Difference Between a Fart and a Farce

old: and old fart is an old person; an old farce is something like Shakespeare’s Twelth Night

wet: a wet fart is something dangerous (to oneself); a wet farce is something like Girls Go Wild

blatant: a blatant fart is really loud; a blatant farce is like Dick Cheney shooting someone (with a shotgun) (and getting away with it)

That’s all I could think of (my evil genius has left me; gone to find a better home; it’ll be back – I hope).

It’s been a grand old week, lots of fun.  Hope you’re enjoying things.

Have a great Sunday!