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Transcending Tech – or, it was meant to be this easy

January 30, 2007

Computers and gadgets have come a long way. Gone are the days of 500 page manuals, and having to call your techie friend to help set things up. Just open the box, plug it in, and you’re on your way.

This is the way it’s meant to be. There was a time when cars were fickle and unreliable, and every guy had to learn his gaskets and gear belts as a rite of passage. No longer. Now it just works – most of the time.

Technology is meant to be the servant of man, not us spending hours and hours trying to figure out a simple feature. It’s there to help us, to make life easier, to save us effort and time.

And computers and the web have finally reached that mature point. That magic tv-zone. One button on, one button off, and it works. It’s taken a couple of decades, but it’s finally here.

We have transcended tech.


The Seven Digital Sins (and how to avoid them)

January 21, 2007

An original list by moi and myself.

1. Coffee and Keyboards – do not mix, ever. Although they’re as cheap as cheese these days (the keyboards that is) it can put you out of action for half a day. Minor sin.

2. Doing Stuff on Someone Else’s Account – they left themselves logged in, it’s not my fault is it? Yes it is. Could be classified as the Uber Temptation of the Digital World, more sneaky than any snake. I’ve managed to avoid this thus far, but only by a couple of mouseclicks. Original sin.

3. Pretending you didn’t get That Email – ignorance is bliss, fake ignorance isn’t. Conscience is a powerful creature. Always blame the spam filter if a question arises pertaining to said email. That way the onus goes back to the sending party (foul language, dancing laptop girls, Nigerian bank accounts). It was their fault. Venal sin.

4. Writing your Passwords down – we know we’re not supposed to do it, but what else do I do with 248 different logins? I’m not supposed to trust the password manager either, but I do that too. A human failing. Minor sin.

5. Commenting without reading the Article – guilty as charged. I’ve done this one, and once you hit that submit button, it’s gone. Embarassment till the web implodes on a bad solar cycle. Hilarious when someone else does it, humiliating when your smartarse self does it. Original sin.

6. Searching for stuff, hoping google won’t find out – Father Google never sleeps. He knows everything. Think you can get away with a sneaky search on Beyonce or that trash tv show? Think again. It all gets logged, and one day someone will publish it with your name on it. Then you’ll be sorry, really sorry. Venal sin.

7. Not Powering Down – a simple thing, but power gets drained even on standby. We have a world to consider for future generations, and we haven’t mastered the art of renewable energies just yet. Guilty, and an original sin.

So there we have it, looks like I’ll be heading to digital hell.  (a place with no google, no wikipedia, no wordpress …)