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The Travelling Spirit

January 31, 2007

I used to be quite fond of travel. Whenever the opportunity arose to drop into a new city, or visit some country, I would jump up and down with excitement. There was nothing more joyous than getting totally lost and bewildered in a foreign clime, and then being able to navigate around after a couple of days.

But of late, this wanderlust has diminished. Not that I was ever a master globetrotter, there are people out there who live and die by Lonely Planet, but I’ve had my good share of travels and experiences. Still haven’t been everywhere, but I don’t feel the need as much.

I’ve been reading some wonderful travel blogs recently, and the writing is so good, the pictures so sharp and translucent, that I’m living out my travels second hand. This vicarious visiting is just too easy; almost like getting a hit of cigarette smoke just when you need it. I can take the shortcut and get all the travel highs, without going through the pain (although some people swear by the pain.)

I think I’ve swallowed the online bait.