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Speaking Clear, Speaking True

March 2, 2007

When someone wants to confuse you, they use jargon. Mumble-jumble. An appeal to a textbook. You just want to know why, and how it works, and they come back with a whole bag of garbage.

The truth is ever simple.

It is spoken with the clarity a child can understand. A story that moves from one simple place to another, a step by step process.

Experts know a lot about nothing.

The holistic view is what separates out true understanding. Seeing all the pieces, all the consequences. How it fits together, and being able to communicate this.

Simple, precise, elegant language. Being able to communicate and empower. Painting a vision to help you help yourself. Words that live on in the palace of time.

Speaking clear, speaking true.


Words Spinning into the Future

March 1, 2007

As we blog away, write away, who knows where these words will be read. All it takes is one inbound link into a collection of thoughts, and they become accessible to future generations.

So often it takes a bit of a stumbling attitude to discover new things. It has happened in science, and it happens in art – a chance combination of words, or fluid stroke, an odd chord – the creative leap into a new space.

All is not grand though: we work in an electronic and digital medium; things can be erased instantly. No power, and we lose our built-up archives. We trust there are guardians and safeguards in place.

We do our work and our thinking; now and into the future.

Words are Ideas

February 12, 2007

I like reading dictionaries.

What! Well, I said I was boring, and now you know how much. I like words, all sorts of words, new words and old words. Archaic words, foreign words, phrases, colloquialisms, turns of speech.

I may not know what adverbial conjunction is, but it’s nothing compared to the beauty of a well-spun palindrome. Or the plat-du-jour I happen to be enjoying now. My moniker rings true no?

Enough garbage! back to normal English speak, and communicating a message, not obfuscating. Words indeed are ideas, and give you tools for thinking.

More words –> More ideas

A diagram of plant innards or the sun will identify the different parts. Suddenly, the detail is presented. The different layers serve different functions.

The language of psychology helps you understand yourself. How you tick, how others tick. Giving a word to moods and fugues is a powerful step.

More ideas –> ??