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Zen: the empty mind

February 28, 2007

too much clutter? empty the mind

too much stress? empty the mind

too many worries? empty the mind

take time to stand back, and see things for what they are. a little swirl on the planet earth. the long lens of time will show the trivialness of all things.

meditation and peace – empty the mind
eternal joy – empty the mind

the rain drips outside. there is no fight. the laws of nature are as they are. be pliable. bend a little. the struggle will only snap you. be at peace.

empty the mind. empty the mind. empty the mind.

peace and oneness. back to the eternal zen state. one. all. unity. there is nothing else. oneness.

empty the mind. the mantra calls. empty. the. mind.

EMPTY. peace. balance. oneness. THE. eternal. tranquility. bliss. MIND.

the universe has spoken.